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What is Trauma- Informed Practice?

Trauma Informed Practice (TIP) is a term used frequently to encompass all strategies, interventions and core values that support our vision of supporting our children and families. One of the main themes of the framework is to ensure that pupils at IMPACT North West Schools are supported to build resilience to stressful and traumatic experiences as well as ensuring a child is supported through the recovery process of a traumatic experience, they may have experienced. 

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IMPACT as Practitioners

We as IMPACT, believe the premise that school is not just a place to learn. We understand that the role of the agencies working with the child are tangible to ensure that all services work together to find the best possible support for the child and the family. We regularly lease with Family Intervention Workers, Social Workers, School Health, and other external agencies to ensure the best possible support is provided to the family.

At IMPACT North West Schools we:

  • Build bridges and don’t fire fight

  • Find common ground and shared interests

  • Agree what is acceptable behaviour for young person and adults

  • Know their trigger points

  • Let the young person know that we understand how they feel and why they have behaved in the way they have

  • Separate the child from the behaviour

  • Allow a safe space – safe mind

  • Allows space in conversation for reflection

  • Praise whenever we can

  • Don’t judge

  • Help young people discover a way back

  • Work with their brain age – not their chronological age


Developing a Trauma Informed Practice in the classroom can improve the school experience and outcomes for all students, especially those who are affected by traumatic experiences.

For more information 

Jayne Jones Headteacher

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