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Online Safety

Ensuring the online safety of teenagers is a paramount concern for parents in today's digital age. As adolescents navigate the virtual landscape, it's crucial for parents to foster open communication about the potential risks and benefits of internet use.

By fostering a trusting relationship and imparting digital literacy skills, parents can play a vital role in ensuring their teenagers navigate the online world safely and responsibly.

Online Education

Mission for Parents and Carers

Encourage your teenagers to be cautious about sharing personal information online, emphasizing the importance of privacy settings on social media platforms. Educate them about the potential consequences of interacting with strangers and the significance of responsible digital citizenship.

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Vision Parents and Carers

Regularly discuss the impact of online content and guide them in critically evaluating information they encounter. Stay informed about the apps and platforms your teenagers use, and establish clear guidelines for screen time. Encourage a healthy balance between online and offline activities, and emphasize the importance of reporting any uncomfortable or unsafe online encounters.

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