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Consultancy and Outreach Support

In addition to our SEND offer and as part of our outreach offer , we offer a bespoke SEND/Behaviour consultancy and training package, on request, supporting schools with all elements of SEND approaches from EHCP and PFA applications to reviewing and auditing schools’ SEND systems and how to develop and further improve their practice.  Consultancy can be requested to review, audit policies and procedures, complete staff training for behaviour using a Trauma- Informed approach within an inclusive framework



In addition to the curriculum entitlement for the learner, all learners, on completion of their programme of study with Impact North West will have completed a person centred profile outlining key areas of support needed for them, highlighting how they feel they make good progress and what strategies work for them. 


The voice of the learner should always be at the heart of any intervention programme.  The voice allows IMPACT Northwest to identify barriers to engagement and any unmet needs through a trauma informed approach. 


We support schools throughout the time the young person is with IMPACT Northwest and continue to support both the young person and school during the reintegration period to ensure success.

A detailed SEND report will also be sent to the school highlighting potential barriers and successful de-escalation strategies that have worked well during their time at Impact North West as part of a personalised learning plan.  Alongside this will include any additional support needed for further assessments/referrals such as ADHD referrals or EHCP/PFA applications/ continuum of need referrals.

Behaviour and Attitudes

“Visible consistency with visible kindness allows exceptional behaviour to flourish”

IMPACT Northwest also includes behaviour management support in schools offering bespoke individual personal support plans for students, reviewing strategies and further support needed for the students.  

IMPACT tutors use pivotal pillars:


  2. Calm adult behaviour

  3. Relentless routines

  4. First recognition for best conduct

  5. Scripted interventions

  6. Restorative follow-up 

What do you need?

IMPACT Northwest have 3 plans on offer to support schools both in the Primary and Secondary sectors.

Support Plans



IMPACT can support in your own provision for half a day. Service offer includes observations and a tailored report containing strategies and recommendations for individual students or small groups.


Additional to offer 1, this bundle allows IMPACT to helps build personalised support plans and lead/assist with the implementation of staff training.


A longer term offer which includes staff training for Trauma-informed practice and the writing of SEND profiles and Top-up/EHCP applications.

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