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The Importance of Attendance from our Headteacher

As we are all aware, attendance post-covid has declined nationally.  Supporting children back to education has never been more important.  We all have a duty to ensure our young people get the very best support from all those adults around them.  Being in school ensures our children will receive the very best education from specialist staff ,external agencies and interventions to support each individual in a tailored, calm and relational manned.  The quality of education the children receive at INWS will support their progress both academically and socially/emotionally and decrease their risk within the community preparing them for life in modern Britain with positive next steps into further education, training or employment.


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Attendance policy

To read our attendance policy please click the link below

Schools Hours

8.45- 14.00 with options of 15.00 for extra curricular activities

Attendance Flow Chart


As a Parent or Guardian, what do I need to consider?

Parents/Guardians are expected to:

● Make sure their child attends every day on time

● Call the school to report their child’s absence before 8.45am on the day of the absence and each subsequent day of absence), and advise when they are expected to return

● Provide the school with more than 1 emergency contact number for their child

● Ensure that, where possible, appointments for their child are made outside of the school day

How can we Help?

Communication with INWS is key.  Please never fear judgement.

We can help provide support through a tailored approach.  Understanding barriers to poor attendance, home visits, EBSA Toolkits, outreach, online support.......the list is endless as long as we are working in collaboration for the good of the child.

Contact Gabby at: / 07733606327

Attendance Matters

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