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'Good career guidance is important for social mobility because it helps open pupils' eyes to careers they may not have considered '

Careers at INSW

High quality careers education and guidance in school or college is critical to young people’s futures. It helps to prepare them for the workplace by providing a clear understanding of the world of work including the routes to jobs and careers that they might find engaging and rewarding.


It supports them to acquire the self-development and career management skills they need to achieve positive employment destinations. This helps students to choose their pathways, improve their life opportunities and contribute to a productive and successful economy.


All About Careers......

  • At INSW we commit to ensure students will:

  • Develop positive attitudes and enquiring minds towards study and work

  • Be able to evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses and realise how to build on their strengths and develop their weaknesses

  • Be able to evaluate their own likes and dislikes and see themselves as individuals who do not need to follow the crowd

  • Be able to fully engage in their own career planning

  • Leave INWS with a range of transferable skills that will enable them to be successful in their future career planning (e.g. each pupil will leave Year 11 with a current CV that they have planned and developed themselves; they will know how and where to access websites and information about future career paths and choices; they will know what is expected of them in an interview situation)

  • Understand opportunities at key transition points (such as leaving school, college, university, changing jobs) and be able to make effective and appropriate decisions at these points and put these decisions into action

  • Be able to access clear, relevant and impartial careers information, advice and guidance appropriate to their personal needs throughout their time with us

  • Be able to achieve personal and economic wellbeing throughout their lives

  • Be motivated and enthused so that they can realise their full potential

Employers – how you can work with us

If you are interested in working with us to provide our students and pupils with an insight into the world of work you can do so in a number of ways:


Through supporting curriculum delivery in classrooms

Providing work experience

Providing workplace visits

Attending our careers fair

We look forward to hearing from you!





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