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Super power SEND

IMPACT Northwest schools aims to support all pupils to reach their potential, we firmly believe that achievement is for all.  INWS is an inclusive school that effectively meets the needs of all of its learners; we recognise that pupils learn best where they feel happy and strive to establish an environment where learners are supported, challenged and have the opportunity to grow. Our staff work hard to support pupils with a diverse range of different needs; creating a fully inclusive curriculum which allows pupils to develop not only their academic skills, but also master the skills that they will need to be independent young adults in the future.

What our Stakeholders say.....

Trauma is an exceptional experience in which powerful and dangerous events overwhelm a person’s capacity to cope.

Trauma Informed Practice 

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T.I.P at IMPACT North West Schools

Developing a Trauma Informed Practice in the classroom can improve the school experience and outcomes for all students, especially those who are affected by traumatic experiences.

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