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Referral Pathway for INWS

Step 1

School to complete referral form 

Step 2

School /Commissioner submits the referral via the referral email address (found on the form)

Step 3

INWS admission panel meet each on a Monday and Wednesday

The panel is made up of: Headteacher, SENCO, SEND Lead and Head of School

Step 4

A decision is made and the school notified within 24 hours.  Referring professional contacted by Suzanne Wright

Step 5

Student and Parents/Carers/Guardians (PCG) will be invited to INWS for a showaround within 24 hours by Suzanne Wright.

Step 6

An induction and start date will be provided to school and PCG within 48 hours of the showaround.

Step 7

Placement begins

Referral Form





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