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Inclusion Framework

At IMPACT North West we aim to support the needs of all our learners.  Our approach, supported by pedagogy our ambition is to assist across 3 main strands.  Learning, Well-being and Safeguarding.

Our inclusion framework ensures equity of the provision for all students, identifying those most at need. In the tiered approach identifying ; all, students,  identified need, and high needs.

Learning and Trauma

We take our ability to learn for granted, as adults, we take control of our aspirations to learn.  Look through a trauma lens to discover how it feels not to know how to learn, want to learn or even have the mindset to learn.  At IMPACT North West schools we can support individual learning styles, improve mindset and discover barriers to learning.

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Encouraging personal development, cultural capital and how to live in modern Britain, though programmes and therapies to help a young person sharpen their perspectives and aspirations in life.  We can provide a bespoke programme to suit the experiences each individual lives.

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Safeguarding is paramount to everyone.

Teaching young people how to keep themselves safe in reality and in the virtual world of 21st century living.  It important to us that we arm all our young people with the knowledge and skills to engage and build positive relationships to support their daily lived experiences.

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