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Curriculum Intent Aims

At Impact North West, we believe that every young individual deserves the opportunity to shape their future through education. Our educational approach provides students with a well-rounded blend of customised guidance and dedicated assistance, empowering them to overcome obstacles and realise their full potential.


Our curriculum enables students to enhance their self-confidence, acquire fresh skills, and progress towards a joyful and satisfying future. Our goal is to create positive transformations in the lives of all our students. 


Tailored learning 


Our students might have faced difficulties adapting to conventional educational settings because of their complex social, emotional, and mental health needs. We provide expert support and tailored teaching to facilitate their growth and success.


In order to assist students, whether they are on short-term or long-term placements, we offer a full academic year curriculum and a subject-specific scheme of work. Students enrolled for an extended period benefit from a comprehensive and diverse range of learning opportunities, while those on short-term placements can acquire valuable knowledge and skills, regardless of where they start their journey at Impact.


Our KS3 offer includes; English, Literacy, Maths, Science, IT, Humanities, PE, Creative, PSHE, Princes Trust, ASDAN. 


Our KS4 offer includes; English Language, Maths, Functional Skills IT and English, PSHE, PE, Sports Leaders, Princes Trust, ASDAN and options. 


KS4 options


In KS4, students are given the option to choose between studying Literature or Science courses, along with a BTEC qualification, Health and Social Care or Sport. 


Our year 10 students who are with us for the long term can pursue a BTEC Level 1/2 Tech Award and choose to take either a GCSE in Literature or Science. Students with a shorter stay at Impact will focus on acquiring knowledge and skills to support their future studies, including the possibility of earning AQA Unit Awards where applicable.


During Year 11, our students have the opportunity to enroll in a Level 1 Introductory BTEC qualification. Alongside this, they can select either Literature or Science courses and have the option to pursue AQA unit awards as part of their studies.

Cultural capital, British values, and SMSC


In addition to the growth of knowledge and skills, both short-term and long-term students will benefit from increased cultural capital, British values, and SMSC development. These aspects will be consistently featured in planning documentation, including Individual Learning Plans, ensuring students have ready access to understand their areas of focus for each half term.


Throughout the curriculum, students will build cultural capital via the inclusion of multicultural literature, engaging guest speakers, and discussions that promote diverse viewpoints. This integrated approach spans across all subjects. Additionally, students will be able to engage in trips and creative curriculum-based cultural projects, further enriching their cultural understanding.


In our curriculum, British Values are integrated throughout the educational experience by actively involving students in decision-making processes and emphasising the significance of rules and laws. We aim to promote a balance of freedom and responsibility among students. This occurs via student representatives and the school council. Additionally, within our PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, and Economic) curriculum, we adhere to the 2020 government guidance, which centers on three core themes: Health and Wellbeing, Relationships, and Life in the Broader Society. During these PSHE lessons, students will actively participate in discussions, engage in practical activities, and explore various scenarios aimed at deepening their appreciation for the relevance of British values in their daily lives. This approach encourages not just responsible citizenship but also a more comprehensive understanding of their roles within a diverse society.


SMSC is interwoven into the curriculum, ensuring that our students receive a well-rounded education that includes not only academic knowledge but also the values, skills and awareness needed to become a responsible and compassionate member of society. Furthermore, SMSC values are embedded into subject-sepecifc content and discussions across the curriculum subjects. Allowing for students to connect their learning to real-life contexts. Activities including debates, scenarios, and moments of self-reflection further enrich their educational experience.


Beyond a curriculum 

Each student arrives with their own distinct hopes and aspirations. This is precisely why a diverse and well-rounded curriculum is of paramount significance. Our students have the opportunity to explore a variety of subjects that align with their individual interests. Our comprehensive and balanced curriculum guarantees that when they depart from our school, they will have not only enhanced their literacy and numeracy skills but also cultivated the abilities necessary to pursue their chosen paths.

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Curriculum Implementation

The curriculum is consistently under review so that it meets the needs of all our pupils and maximises their opportunities and learning.


We teach a broad, balanced and deep curriculum. for pupils from Year 7 through to

Year 11

Curriculum Leads continue to develop schemes of learning and monitor their

implementation to ensure that they provide the highest possible standards of learning and opportunities for engagement for all our learners

Head of Centre and Quality Assurance Leads linked to Curriculum Leaders, quality assure the development and implementation of schemes of learning

Our curriculum is designed to meet the requirements of the national curriculum and

ensures that all pupils gain their full entitlement of knowledge and skills.

Pupils are encouraged to develop a love of learning and to increase their ability to be independent learners.





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